About Us

General Machinery Corp (GENMAC) is a worldwide supplier of high-quality food processing equipment. Since 1949, we’ve been creating, selling, and serving durable cheese and meat cutters that you can rely on.

We’re a Midwestern business located in the friendly city of Green Bay, WI, on the shore of Lake Michigan.

Our company has its origins in the early 1940s and was incorporated in 1949 by David Horwitz. Soon after, David’s brother, Frank, became a partner in the company.

Frank’s son, Robert, started working with the company in 1953. David’s son, Michael, joined the organization in 1963. David and Frank retired in 1975, and Robert and Michael assumed General Machinery Corp’s day-to-day operations.
Robert became president of the company and Michael was named secretary and treasurer. Michael assumed presidential duties upon Robert’s passing in 2005.

After many successful years of working together, 5 Point Fabrication LLC. Purchased GENMAC from Michael Horwitz in January of 2020. Genmac has always focused on the importance of our customers and vendors and 5 Point Fabrication shares the same beliefs.  This change will bring the two companies under one roof and will allow Genmac to provide its customer base with a product made front to back in house ensuring the high quality our customers are accustom to.  We are excited to see what new innovations and tried and true can create in the future!

Today, General Machinery Corp continues to offer the highest quality machinery in the industry. We serve clients and customers all around the world with a focus on the same personal dedication and service that we’ve prided ourselves on since the very beginning.